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There is no ‘one way’ to love your child. Whether you spend most of your day at work, at home, or a bit of both, we know it’s never easy to leave them!

With consistent educators from six weeks to six years, they can maintain their routines and friendships from the day they arrive until they are school ready. Our kindergarten and pre-school programs are designed around seven key learning foundations and tailored to your child’s interests.

Life can be busy for families, which is why all our centres offer extended hours. Our flexible hours give you the freedom to choose what best works for your family while maximising childcare subsidy.

With over 440 centres nationwide, we have a lot of love to give!

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Our G8 Brands

Find out more about our united childcare network, with centres in QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC, SA and WA.

What Your Child Will Learn

Why Families Love THEIR Kids With Us

Leaving your little ones at child care can be difficult. In that moment all you want to know is that you are doing the right thing. Hear from our families who love their children by leaving them with us!

Video of our families who share their experience of loving their children by leaving them with us!
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Inspiring play-based learning

For the early learning years, developing school readiness!

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Child Care
Subsidy Unpacked

A guide to help make child care cheaper.

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Flexible hours
for families

Choose your hours and maximise your child care subsidy.

Secure your place today

Empower your child with G8 educators supported by early learning foundations, maintaining your routines and foster your child's interests from 6 weeks to 6 years. Choose a childcare that tailors care to your child and offers flexible hours to make the most of your childcare subsidy. Find yours below.

Picture in the shape of a love heart: a toddler laughs as she and her G8 Educator play outside in the sunshine.

Call 1800 324 961 to speak with our family support team who will be able to assist you with your first step into your enrolment journey.

Request a call back by completing the below form.

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Why book a self-scheduled tour directly online?

Save time with our 24/7 self-scheduled online booking tool, where you can book anytime, from anywhere. For all states, you have the option to book a virtual tour, or an in-person tour. Our online booking system is a convenient way to find a suitable time in your busy family schedule, to experience the centre of your choice and meet our team members.

To book your tour online complete the form below. Not sure how to start?

See how to get started here.

  1. Enter your postcode.
  2. Scroll down to the map or list of centres. 
  3. Click on the ‘Book’ link and select Virtual or In-person Tour. 
  4. Fill out the form and click next to review your booking details.
  5. Click submit and we’ll send you a confirmation of your booking, and a reminder prior to your tour session.

Find a suitable time in your busy family schedule to tour the centre of your choice and meet our team of passionate educators. We also offer online virtual tours guided by the centre team. To book your tour online complete the steps above.

Our G8 Brands

Find out more about our united childcare network, with centres in QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC, SA and WA.


G8 Education has over 460 centres across Australia, and you can find a centre near you by using our map search tool. The best way to get accurate availability for G8 centres is to speak with our Family Support team either through Live Chat on the website, by calling them on 1800 324 961 or completing a call back request enquiry on this page. You can also to get a preliminary view by looking at your desired centre on Toddle, CareforKids and Child Care Finder.

Find your nearest centre with our childcare map search tool. Simply enter your postcode and click search to get started. You will be provided with a list of all centres surrounding your desired location.

The government Child Care Subsidy (CCS) aims to make early learning more affordable for eligible families. How much subsidy your family is entitled to will depend on how much ‘work related’ activity you and your partner undertake each fortnight, the total combined family income and the amount of child care and early childhood education that is undertaken. Find out more about CCS by downloading our eBook here, watching this explainer video here, or if you know the desired G8 brand of the childcare centre you are interested in, read more on the brand website and use our handy calculator here.

With G8, you have 4 options to book a centre tour for your desired centre. Remembering a tour is a convenient way to experience the centre of your choice and meet with our team members at a time suitable to your family schedule. We are now also offering a virtual tour option so you can select either an in-person tour or a virtual tour.

  1. Book a self-scheduled tour directly online at anytime
  2. Use Web Chat to speak with our Family Support team and get them to book the tour in for you
  3. Call our Family Support team on 1800 324 961 and get them to book the tour in for you
  4. Walk-in and visit the centre of your choice and the friendly team will schedule a tour time for you.

Why book online?

Save time with our 24/7 self-scheduled online booking tool, where you can book anytime, from anywhere. All available centre tour time slots are conveniently displayed for you to choose and lock a time in.

What’s a virtual tour?

A virtual tour gives you a guided virtual tour walk-through on your chosen device (desktop, mobile or tablet) of your desired centre directly by the Centre Manager. This gives you the opportunity to tour the centre if you are out of area or for whatever reason in your busy schedule time doesn’t allow you to attend in person. You can then always follow-up by doing an in-person tour.

We encourage and recommend families to book a tour for your desired centre so you can get a feel for the centre, meet the Centre team that will be caring for your child and ask any questions you may have. Once you complete a tour at a G8 childcare and early education centre, our Family Support team will contact you to start your chosen centre’s enrolment process. Your family will be asked to complete the enrolment form and submit this back to our Family Support team. For questions about enrolment forms and the enrolment process, please contact the Family Support team on 1800 324 961

Firstly, thank you for thinking of G8 and the desire to want to get your product or service into our network. As you can appreciate with the G8 Network of childcare centres being over 460 locations across Australia, we have a very structured process around procurement and vendor management. Speaking with our Family Support team (that is, calling 1800 324 961) is not the best use of anyone’s time as they are focused on customer service, booking and enrolments. The best process to follow for these types of requests is to email

G8 Education accepts childcare applications for future enrolments, and we offer enrolment placements as they become available. Our Family Support team will add your child’s name on our waitlist if a centre is currently full in your child’s age group. We will then contact you as soon as places become available.

We also do monthly check-ins to review the availability, and you will receive a text message confirming if you’re still happy to remain on the waitlist each month. When spots do become vacant, we will give you a call to tell you the good news!

If you would like to get an update at any point, you’re welcome to reach out on our Web Chat or give us a call. Our Family Support team can also help you find more G8 Education centres near you, with the same offerings at the centre you are interested in that have immediate availability.

All G8 Education centres across Australia continue to undertake safety measures to protect the health and safety of team members, children, families and the wider community and reduce the risk of infection. 

By 31 January 2022, all G8 Education team members, suppliers and contractors attending our centres and support offices will be required to be fully vaccinated or have an approved medical exemption. Most of our team members are already vaccinated against COVID-19 due to state vaccination mandates in the early learning and care sector (in VIC, NSW, ACT, WA, NT and now SA). This policy brings consistency across our network to reduce the risk of COVID-19.

Read more about the steps and measures that we are taking to support all children, families and teams within our centres here.

Most of our G8 child care centres are open from 6.30 am to 6.30 pm on weekdays. However, some centres open earlier or close later to support your busy family life! We encourage you to contact your local centre about their opening times using our Web Chat or calling our Family support team on 1800 324 961.

All our kindergarten and pre-school programs run every day of the week. This means families have the flexibility for their child/ren to receive the highest quality learning experiences on days that best support them.

Each day children enrolled in our kindergarten or pre-school rooms can participate in the kindergarten or pre-school program across the day. All our centres are Long Day Care which means your child/ren can enjoy our engaging learning environments during our extended opening hours every day of the week. We have qualified and skilled team members that support the teacher in delivering the kindergarten or pre-school program.

All our kindergarten or pre-school programs follow the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), a national learning framework for Australia. We adapt our curriculum to accommodate each individual child’s learning, development, and wellbeing needs. 

Families are encouraged to share their input about their individual child’s interests and strengths. Strong reciprocal relationships are developed between home and the centre.

Kindergarten or pre-school provides a unique time for children to further develop their positive dispositions to learning, oral language skills, and social/emotional and physical capabilities.  

At kindergarten or pre-school children develop their curiosity and creativity, they make friendships and learn skills around being part of a community of learners. This is important for them now as well as their future journeys as lifelong learners.

To learn more about the wonderful learning at your centre, reach out to the Centre Manager or chat with an Early Childhood Teacher.

What you'll discover on a tour

From the moment you enter one of our child care centres, you will experience a world where children are inspired to explore, learn and grow.

Hear more about our centre tours from some of our centre managers below.

Naomi - childcare Centre Manager

Community Kids Hoppers Crossing

“We conduct a tour of the centre, explain all rooms and what children learn in each, we talk about our programs and what learning we capture, advise what technology we use such as the Xplor App, show them to our kitchen, view menu’s and advise where they can find any feedback forms for all that we do.”

Picture of Naomi, childcare centre manager and inspired G8 carer at Community Kids Hoppers Crossing

At G8 Education, we are here to give your child the best start to early learning, from kindergarten to pre-school and day care. Our experienced educators offer inspired play-based learning that helps children develop social and emotional skills, motivation to learn, STEM, language and numeracy skills. Family and community, creativity, and curiosity about the world are all part of the foundation for a successful educational journey.

With over 460 early learning centres to choose from, finding child care near you has never been easier.

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