At G8 Education, we recognise the importance of Environmental Social Responsibility and are constantly working on a range of engagement programs and partnerships to further enhance our commitment. Our FY19 sustainability strategy aims to integrate sustainable business practices to support the environment, promote social equity and deliver value to our stakeholders.

Our Centres

As an education and care provider, G8 Education has the opportunity to encourage and increase awareness of environmental responsibilities and implement practices that contribute to a sustainable future. Children can be supported to become environmentally responsible, to show respect for the environment and the resources we use and to make a positive impact in preserving the world (Element 3.2.3) of the National Quality Framework (NQF). Environmentally sustainable practices should be embedded into the operations of the education and care service and involve educators, children and families, in order to be successful. Educators, children, families and the wider community can learn together and embrace environmentally friendly practices.

G8 Education believes sustainability is not just about conservation but also about the related issues of fairness and equity and the importance of taking action on these issues that will impact the lives of our future generations. This responsibility is reflected in the NQF, which asks that each service take ‘an active role in caring for its environment and contributing to a sustainable future’ (NQS Standard 3.3). More specifically, services are asked to embed sustainable practices into their operations (Element 3.3.1)

G8 Education’s environmental approach toward operations includes: minimising consumption of materials, recycling and re-using consumables, waste and water use management, climate change and supporting the awareness of environmental issues.

We are committed to role modelling, teaching and promoting children’s awareness of the environment through daily practices, resources and educational opportunities. We are actively encouraging educators, children and families to become advocates for a sustainable future and appreciating the wonder of the natural world while protecting the planet for future generations.

With 520+ Centres in our portfolio, G8 Education is continually looking at ways to educate and action the reduction of our environmental impacts using initiatives such as:

Centre Sustainability

  • Recycling
  • Gardening
  • Biodiversity
  • Energy conservation
  • Water conservation
  • Sustainable equipment purchases
  • Environmentally friendly initiatives
  • Sustainability education

Centre Community

  • Visits to senior citizens / aged care, special services
  • Community gardens
  • Providing opportunities for parents to have date nights
  • Finding opportunities to add services into network for parents so they can spend more time with their family

Our people

We believe that our most important asset is our team members and as such are constantly striving to develop a highly engaged, diverse and trusted workforce, which is central to achieve our goals.

G8 Education appreciates that diversity is essential to its continued growth and success. As a result, G8 Education is committed to fostering and sustaining an inclusive and flexible workplace through the principles of diversity, equity and equal employment opportunity.

In order to promote diversity and equity in the workplace, G8 Education is pleased to advise that the Board has outlined a measurable equity, diversity and inclusion objective, which is to maintain equal male to female representation on both the board and executive leadership team.

Gender Balance at G8 Education:

  • Women currently hold 45% of executive leadership roles (4 out of 9 positions are held by women.
  • Three of the six non-executive directors on the G8 Education Board are female.

Click here to download the Workplace Gender Equality Report

Our communities

G8 recognises the important role it plays in the lives of the families and communities it operates in and aims to leave a positive impact on the families and communities.

Our educators, children, families and the wider community can learn together and embrace environmentally friendly practices.

Waste Management

Through leveraging our existing service providers and identifying new opportunities, G8 aims to use its scale to change both its operations and the operations of its supply chain.

Energy Efficiency

The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is a business imperative and G8 aims to reduce its emissions.

Sustainability Strategy FY19

Our Executive Leadership Team, together with our Health, Safety, Environment and Sustainability Committee, are currently reviewing the FY19 sustainability strategy, which will be available to view on this website soon.

We are committed to establishing alliances with sustainability focused suppliers as well as disclosing economic, environmental and social impacts caused by our everyday activities and how we intend to reduce that impact.