At G8 Education, we recognise the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility and are working on a range of engagement programs and partnerships.


With a clear purpose of shaping generations now and next, G8 Education takes the responsibility and importance of supporting children to ‘become environmentally responsible and show respect for the environment’ (Element 3.3.2) of the National Quality Framework (NQF) very seriously.

G8 Education believes sustainability is not just about conservation but also about the related issues of fairness and equity and the importance of taking action on these issues that will impact the lives of our future generations. This responsibility is reflected in the NQF, which asks that each service take ‘an active role in caring for its environment and contributing to a sustainable future’ (NQS Standard 3.3). More specifically, services are asked to embed sustainable practices into their operations (Element 3.3.1)

G8 Education’s environmental approach toward operations includes: minimising consumption of materials, recycling and re-using consumables, and supporting the awareness of environmental issues.

Our Childcare Centres

With 520+ Centres in our portfolio, G8 Education is continually looking at ways to educate and action the reduction of our environmental impacts using initiatives such as:

  • Centre Sustainability
    • Participating in recycling, use of recycled and reclaimed materials, energy saving initiatives, gardening
    • Teaching sustainability as part of the Early Years Learning Framework
  • Centre Community
    • Visits to senior citizens / aged care, special services
    • Community gardens
    • Numerous fundraising activities

Our Support Office

As our organisation has grown rapidly, so has our Support Office and so this year, the G8 Education Support Office enthusiastically implemented the following initiatives:

  • upgraded communication equipment to enable virtual meetings and reduce business travel between G8 Education offices
  • upgraded intranet and file sharing technology to enhance the ability to store and present documents electronically


Our People

The People and Culture Committee oversees and receives reports on G8 Education’s people policies and programs. In addition, the Board and Executive Management reviews talent and leadership programs, performance management and reward processes, succession planning, diversity, staff alignment and engagement results.

This year, G8 Education is step changing its investment in Human Capital, building and retaining a highly motivated team of professionals with the best available skills and experience as it looks to strengthen its strategic objectives, culture and industry leadership.


G8 Education has a strong culture that promotes our core values and drives organisational performance. Our core values of “Passion, Integrity, Dedication, Compassion & Innovation” are at the forefront of everything we do.

G8 Education’s Executive Management and the Board review the values and behaviours that reflect our culture. Our team member survey measures team alignment, engagement and commitment to the organisational values and behaviours and the results are reviewed by the People and Culture Committee and the Board.


At G8 Education, the importance of creating a culture that values inclusion, recognises the unique contributions of our people and builds capability is critical to our success.

G8 Education has set measurable objectives to increase the representation of women in senior executive management and above roles to 30% in accordance with the G8 Education Corporate Governance Principles and recommendations relating to diversity. This target was achieved in 2017, with representation on our Board at 43% and representation at senior executive level at 38%.

G8 Education will define objectives for 2018 and beyond to ensure continued support and focus on providing equality of opportunity and achieving appropriate gender balance across all our geographies and businesses.

Click here to download the Workplace Gender Equality Report


G8 Education strives to achieve and maintain a zero-harm workplace where safety is everyone’s responsibility and each individual is held to account. This year,  G8 Education’s commitment to a safe and healthy workforce was demonstrated through a range of achievements, including:

  • Safety leadership and behavioral training and programs to every centre manager and each WHS leader
  • Safety commitment training to every member of our support office and targeted training in ergonomics and manual handling
  • Implementation of health, fitness and well-being programs, supporting our people to take proactive ownership of their health and safety


G8 Education continues to focus on training and development of our people, fostering an environment that supports and encourages growth of employee skills through various systems, internal processes, and implementation of a performance based culture.

Each and every team member has their own individual Development Plan, which maps out their professional goals and outlines the learning journey in order to achieve these. Development Plans look at three key areas: Role Specific, Behavioral and Leadership.

Supporting the Development Planning process is a dedicated and comprehensive Learning & Development strategy, in which quality programs are designed and delivered to cater for these key areas. This structure demonstrates the ongoing value placed on team members, which can impact on team engagement and professionalism; both in an immediate sense and over the course of time.

G8 Education in the community

G8 Education assists and encourages its employees to support worthwhile causes and participate in community programs and allows employees to support causes and charities of their choice.