Children are our future and we are privileged at G8 Education to contribute to the lives of children and their families in the vital early years. Research shows a child’s first five years are crucial to all future learning and development as their brains develop most rapidly during this time. By age three a child’s brain has already developed to 80% of its adult size with brain connections formed through the interactions, experiences and relationships the child makes. The quality of these interactions, experiences and relationships is crucial. That is why a child’s involvement in a quality early learning program is so important.

As children progress on their early learning journey, our centre teams offer increasingly complex experiences to support their cognitive, emotional and physical development.

Planning from each child’s individual interests, we aim to work alongside them as they challenge themselves to take risks in their learning, be creative and curious as they solve problems, develop resilience as they persist with new tasks and have the confidence to develop positive and lasting relationships with their peers.

Our educators, teachers and leaders are children’s learning partners and have a unique opportunity to positively influence their futures.

We promote the very best practices in our education and care centres to nurture children’s wellbeing and support them to fulfil their potential. We do this by:

– Setting benchmarks for high quality practices and sustainable, engaging environments.
– Building capability and developing educational pathways for our valued team members.
– Partnering with families to ensure our children feel a sense of belonging.
– Acknowledging and respecting the diversity of our families and the communities in which they reside.