At G8 Education we believe in the power of the individual to do good – in the workplace, at home and within the communities in which we operate. Helping others is fundamental to our culture and we aim to instil this in our families and our team members.

G8 Education has a proud history of supporting various initiatives, charities and appeals. We’ve learned that the joy of giving is far greater than receiving, and collectively more than 46,000 children and 9,500 passionate and caring team members across our national network can make a real difference.

We aim to put the needs of families, communities and the planet at the heart of our centres today to build a better tomorrow.

G8 Education recognises the important role it plays in the lives of the children in our care, the families we support and the community in which we operate. We aim to contribute to a robust, equitable and sustainable future for all stakeholders.


Our Practices

G8 Education engages in a broad range of sustainable practices both within its Centres and at the Support Office:

  • Recycling
  • Gardening
  • Biodiversity
  • Energy conservation
  • Water conservation
  • Sustainable equipment purchases
  • Environmentally friendly initiatives
  • Sustainability education

Supporting the Community

G8 Education’s teams are a collective force of almost 10,000 people who have worked hard during 2018 to support our communities by:

  • Raising money for the Drought Relief Appeal
  • Collecting band-aids for Evie’s Band-aid Bonanza
  • Cleaning up Australia
  • Gathering pyjamas for Pyjama day
  • Nappy collections
  • Fun runs
  • Blood donations
  • Raising money for local charities

Goals and Ambitions

As an education and care community, G8 Education has the opportunity to encourage and increase awareness of environmental responsibilities and implement practices that contribute to a sustainable future.

Children are supported to become environmentally responsible and to show respect for the environment and the resources we use and to make a positive
impact in preserving the world.

Our People

G8 Education realises that our most important asset are our valued team members. By investing in developing and retaining the best people, we will not only meet, but exceed the expectations of our families and children in our care. G8 Education will:

  • Develop a highly engaged, diverse and trusted workforce
  • Increase engagement score to 90% by 2022
  • Provide health and wellbeing support to our team
  • Become an employer of choice in Early Childhood Education by 2021

Click here to download the Workplace Gender Equality Report.


Our Communities

G8 Education will continue to support the communities in which we operate by:

  • Finding opportunities to add services into our network so parents can spend more time with their families
  • Developing and implementing a National Reconciliation Action Plan to close the gap between Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander people and other Australians
  • Finding opportunities to give back to the community through paid volunteer leave and community reinvestment charities

Our Planet

G8 Education is committed to reducing our carbon footprint and is working towards a vision of being net positive in our energy consumption by 2025.

To achieve this, we will:

  • Invest in solar and green energy for our existing centres
  • Integrate sustainable building design principles for all new builds

To reduce the environmental impact of our operations, G8 Education will:

  • Ensure 80% of our waste is diverted from landfill and recycled by 2025
  • Identify opportunities to continue to reduce waste creation across our network
  • Identify opportunities to recycle our waste into clean energy

G8 Education has partnered with Cleanaway to grow and evolve our  sustainability commitment. Everything Cleanaway does has sustainability at its
core. From educating children on the importance of sorting waste, to working with all their customers and communities on finding innovative ways to increase the effectiveness of their waste management and make a sustainable future possible.

Click here to download G8 Education’s sustainability policy