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G8 Education is privileged to contribute to the care and early education of over 45,000 children from babies through to kindergarten and preschool in our 430+ child care centres across Australia. 

With over 100 quality long day care and kindergarten centres in Melbourne, busy working families have access to more high-quality early learning options. 

What you can expect from our local centres in Melbourne:

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The qualified and committed teams at our local child care centres in Melbourne ensure that every child’s learning journey is filled with fun, discovery and purpose.

Early Learning Centres in Melbourne

Find your local Melbourne G8 Education Early Learning Centre to book a tour.

Our Brands

More about our long day care and kindergarten programs

Equipped with quality learning resources and spacious natural outdoor areas that engage all the senses, our child care centres in Melbourne are designed to develop your child’s critical skills that set them up for life. Our team of passionate and experienced educators plan play-based learning experiences around children’s interests and learning goals.

Our childcare centres in Melbourne offer high-quality, government-approved kindergarten programs delivered by qualified early childhood teachers, with access to flexible hours, Child Care Subsidy benefits, meals and more. Your child could also be eligible for up to 15 hours per week at no cost, thanks to the Victorian Government’s “Free Kinder” Program.

At our Melbourne childcare centres, seasonal, delicious and nutritious meals are freshly made daily. You will also receive daily photos and updates of your child’s learning and development through our family communication app.

Family Support Team

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Our Family Support Team are here to help!

Want to know more about a G8 Early Learning centre near you? Get in touch with our Family support team to discuss waitlists, enrolments, fee structure and centre availability.

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Frequently asked questions

G8 Education has over 430 centres across Australia, and you can find a centre near you using our map search tool. Simply enter your postcode and click search to get started. You will be provided with a list of all centres surrounding your desired location.

The best way to get accurate availability for G8 centres is to speak with our Family Support team either through Live Chat on the website or by calling them on 07 5644 6900.

G8 Education owns 21 well-respected and recognised early education brands across Australia. Together, we are one team of 9,500 dedicated, passionate and supportive team members and experienced educators committed to empowering children and helping them develop and grow.

Our approach to early childhood education, high-quality programs and services, as well as our operational policies and procedures are consistent across all G8 brands. Every child in our care is individually nurtured and supported throughout their learning journey. The quality of education and care that our families receive is consistent across every G8 centre.

The government Child Care Subsidy (CCS) aims to make early learning more affordable for eligible families. How much subsidy your family is entitled to will depend on how much ‘work related’ activity you and your partner undertake each fortnight. Learn more about the Child Care Subsidy (CCS) by downloading our eBook here, watching this explainer video here, or if you know the desired G8 brand of the childcare centre you are interested in, read more on the brand website and use our handy calculator.

We offer families choices when it comes to how they can book a tour. Booking a tour is encouraged as it provides families with the opportunity to see the centre, meet our teams and have all your questions answered. You can book a tour;

  1. Online at any time. All available time slots are conveniently displayed for you to choose one that is most convenient for you and your family.
  2. Book a tour using  Web Chat. Here you can speak with our Family Support team, who will book the tour at the time most convenient for you.
  3. By calling our Family Support team on 07 5644 6900
  4. Or you can simply walk in and visit the centre of your choice!

What’s a virtual tour?

A virtual tour gives you a guided walk-through of your chosen centre, on your preferred device (desktop, mobile or tablet). The tour is hosted by Centre Manager. This gives you the opportunity to see the centre and meet the Centre Manager if you are out of area or if you can’t attend in person.

Enrolments are accepted as soon as placements become available. If a centre is full, our Family Support team will place your child on our waitlist. As soon as a place becomes available, you will be notified.

We regularly review room availability, as a result, you will receive a text message confirming if you’re still happy to remain on the waitlist each month or if your plans have changed.

If you would like to get an update on your enrolment at any point, you’re welcome to reach out on our Web Chat or call our family support team. Our Family Support team can also help you find an alternate centre near you, with the same offerings, that might have immediate availability.

All G8 Education centres across Australia continue to undertake safety measures to protect the health and safety of our children, families, team members, and the wider community to reduce the risk of infection of any kind. You can read more about the steps and measures that we are taking to support all children, families and teams within our centres through COVID-19 here.

If your child shows signs of infection or illness at any time during the day, you will be notified. You will need to make alternative arrangements, pick up your child from the centre and keep them home until they are no longer infectious. While we understand that this can be inconvenient, we’re committed to maintaining a healthy environment and reducing the risk of infection for all children, families, and team members within our centres.

Under the Child Care Subsidy (CCS), families are allowed 52 absence days per child, per financial year. These can be taken for any reason, including public holidays and when children are sick, without the need for families to provide documentation.

Absences should only be claimed when care would have been provided if the child was not absent, and the family has been charged a fee for the session of care. CCS is only payable for absences submitted before a child has started at a service, or after a child’s final day of actual attendance at a childcare service, under limited circumstances.

Please click here for more information about absences.

Most of our G8 child care centres are open from 6.30 am to 6.30 pm on weekdays. However, some centres open earlier or close later to support your busy family life! We encourage you to contact your local centre about their opening times using our Web Chat or calling our Family support team on 07 5644 6900.

All our kindergarten and preschool programs run every day of the week. This means families have the flexibility for their child/ren to receive the highest quality learning experiences on days that best support them.

Each day children enrolled in our kindergarten rooms can participate in the kindergarten or preschool program across the day. All our centres are Long Day Care which means your child/ren can enjoy our engaging learning environments during our extended opening hours every day of the week.

All our kindergarten programs follow the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), a national learning framework for Australia. These programs are delivered by qualified and passionate Early Childhood Educators and Teachers. Our Curriculum accommodates each individual child’s learning, development, and well-being.

Kindergarten provides a unique time for children to further develop their positive dispositions to learning, oral language skills, and social/emotional and physical capabilities.

To learn more about the wonderful learning opportunities at the centre of your choice, reach out to the Centre Manager.

At G8 Education, we are here to give your child the best start to early learning, from kindergarten to pre-school and day care. Our experienced educators offer inspired play-based learning that helps children develop social and emotional skills, motivation to learn, STEM, language and numeracy skills. Family and community, creativity, and curiosity about the world are all part of the foundation for a successful educational journey.

With over 430 early learning centres to choose from, finding child care near you has never been easier.

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