G8 Education’s Greenwood Early Education Centre, located in Officer Victoria, is setting the standard for early education after it received an “Exceeding” rating* from the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) in a recent assessment and rating.

“I am so grateful and proud to lead a team of such talented educators and teachers, dedicated to creating an environment for children to thrive, learn and play,” said Janelle Jones, Greenwood Officer Centre Manager.

Early child education and care services are assessed and rated by their state and territory regulatory authority against the seven quality areas of the National Quality Standard (NQS).

The “Exceeding” rating places the centre in the top 25 per cent of services nationwide.

The service’s all ages outdoor area and unique staffing arrangements were recognised during the assessment.

“We are a 130-license place centre and we have one shared yard with a diverse range of learning experiences offered during a continuous indoor-outdoor program, where all ages can learn, be challenged, play and connect with each other,” said Ms Jones.

“We want to nurture children’s curiosity and confidence by allowing them the freedom, under active supervision, to explore new experiences and challenge their minds and bodies.”

“Our educators and teachers also work across all age groups, which helps build strong connections across the service and allows for smooth transitions between rooms for children and families.”

Greenwood Early Education is part of G8 Education, one of Australia’s largest early learning providers dedicated to its purpose of creating the foundations for learning for life.

Rebecca Lomagno, Victorian Area Manager for G8 Education, said it is the team’s connections and relationships with families and communities which really sets the service apart.

“You can see how the collaboration between educators, teachers and families influences the program to create meaningful and engaging experiences for children,” said Ms Lomagno.

Kristy Gray, Victorian Regional Manager for G8 Education, said Janelle’s leadership, and motivated team has also contributed to the service’s success.

“Janelle fosters a culture of collaboration, learning and fun, which is reflected in the educators’ and teachers’ interactions with children,” said Ms Gray.

“Under her leadership the service has become a pipeline for talent, with a large proportion of the staff engaged in study, including 12 team members working towards their Bachelor of Early Childhood Education through G8’s sector-leading Study Pathways Program.”

If you would like to learn more about Greenwood Officer visit the website to book a personalised tour online or call 1800 413 921.

*To be “Exceeding” the service must go beyond the requirements of the NQS in at least four of the seven quality areas, with at least two in quality areas one, five, six, or seven.