Remediation Program

As per the recent ASX announcement, following a proactive review of award and legislative requirements, G8 has identified some inadvertent non-compliance issues with the relevant awards.

G8 has self-reported the matter to the Fair Work Ombudsman and is undertaking a remediation program to ensure all affected current and former team members are paid in full.

G8 unreservedly apologises to team members for these inadvertent errors.

G8 has instigated a full remediation program covering the 6.5-year period from 1 July 2014 to ensure all affected team members employed during this period are paid what they are owed in full as quickly as possible. Team members will also be paid interest and superannuation in accordance with G8’s obligations.

The remediation program is expected to be completed by 31 July 2021. Current and former team members will be notified individually of any specific underpayments once G8 and PwC have finalised the review, assessment and quality assurance processes within the remediation program.

Former team members can make contact with the G8 remediation team through the webform below. Any changes to contact details should be submitted using this webform.

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