Early education icon to deliver professional development program for G8 Education teachers

Anthony Semann, Co-Director of Semann and Slattery will launch an exclusive professional development program for G8’s early childhood teachers in 2019. Sector icon, Semann is heading up the program, which will take G8’s teachers on a journey of educational discovery to enact change and deliver exceptional outcomes for children and families into the future.

Semann said that understanding the critical role teachers play in the development and roll out of curriculum and educational programs is core to the quality delivered by G8 Education.

“Over the many years of practice wisdom and research, it has become evident that teachers through their practice and mentoring of other education staff can maintain a high level of quality and support and motivate others to do the same. Our work with G8 Education heralds a new and innovative approach through the development of a teaching framework as well as tailored professional development to support this.”

“Semann & Slattery in collaboration with G8 Education are excited about this new initiative to be rolled out across Australia in 2019,” Semann said.  

G8 Education CEO, Gary Carroll said the organisation would continue a trajectory of enhancing the early learning experience for all. Partnering with the very best practitioners in the sector speaks volumes about our passion to ensure our teams genuinely understand how integral their roles are in the lives of our children and families.

Eminent early education advocate partners with G8

Internationally renowned early childhood education advocate, Jennifer Ribarovski has commenced a series of workshops at G8 Education early childhood learning centres designed to continue enhancing the Centre Manager’s understanding of the National Quality Framework.

A leading early childhood education consultant and staunch activist for every child’s right to quality care and education, Ms Ribarovski will work with G8 to deliver an Australia wide roadshow where she has been engaging with all Centre Managers to further bring the National Quality Framework (NQF) to life.

Ms Ribarovski reinforced the fact that the value of quality early childhood education and care for children’s learning, development and future success is strongly supported by a sound evidence base.

“G8 touches the lives of a significant number of children and families across Australia. The opportunity to focus on quality in practice has the potential to make a significant difference in their lives both now and into the future.  

JR Education Consulting Services is proud to be partnering with the team at G8 in this custom-made project designed to empower Centre Managers to lead their educational teams with purpose, putting positive learning and development outcomes for children at the forefront,” Ms Ribarovski said.

Jennifer played a key role in the implementation of the NQF for the NSW Regulatory Authority and the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) and has an enviable track record of translating educational theory into practice.

G8 Education CEO, Gary Carroll said Jennifer’s work with Centre Managers from the G8 national network of early learning centres reinforced the organisation’s ongoing focus on delivering the best possible early education experience for children at their centres.

Pictured: Jennifer Ribarovski, Managing Director of  JR Education Consulting Services and valued partner of G8 Education.